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Commercial airplane crashes tend to capture headlines because they injure or kill hundreds of people at a time, but these accidents are — thankfully — rare events.

However, accidents involving small airplanes and helicopters occur more frequently: National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) statistics show that general aviation aircraft average almost six accidents per 100,000 flight hours. These accidents often lead to severe injuries or even death for those on board, leaving their loved ones bereaved. 

And although commercial plane crashes are very rare, common incidents that do occur during air travel can still result in serious injuries:

  • Falling luggage can lead to head injuries
  • Improperly-secured food carts can slide in the aisles and cause broken bones
  • Ripped carpeting can lead to trips and falls on the plane

People who suffer air travel-related injuries may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Airlines can be held legally responsible for their employees’ failure to act with due care, and a court may find that an airline acted with negligence in hiring or supervising a particular employee.

In addition, aircraft parts manufacturers may bear liability for injuries caused by defective products that they produced, and mechanics can be held responsible for failing to carry out proper repairs and maintenance.

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If you are thinking about pursuing an air travel-related claim, you should have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side who understands the technical aspects of aircraft operations. Attorney Lee Myers of the Myers Law Firm is a licensed pilot who is instrument-rated in both single and multi-engine airplanes. A passionate aviation enthusiast, Lee has enjoyed flying his Cessna 172XP for more than 25 years and counting.

If you’ve been injured in an aviation-related accident or have suffered air travel-related injuries, Myers Law Firm is ready to help.

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The NTSB provides updated statistics on aviation accidents here.
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