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Hurt by someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior? You shouldn’t have to bear the costs alone. 

Whether you were injured in an auto accident, by a defective product, or a slip and fall on a wet floor, the physical, emotional, and financial costs can be overwhelming. Medical bills. Lost wages and missed work. Inability to do the things you used to love.

In times like these, you should be able to count on the at-fault party to do the right thing. However, the insurance company providing coverage doesn’t have your best interests at heart. They are looking to save money, not pay claims fairly. And because of contributory negligence laws in North Carolina, if they can convince a jury that you’re even 1% responsible for your serious injuries, they can get out of paying you anything at all.

The best way to protect your rights is with experienced legal help. Our Charlotte personal injury lawyers can advocate on your behalf with an aggressive legal strategy that puts your needs first. Call Myers Law today to schedule your free consultation.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

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Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys help people who have been hurt by someone else’s careless actions. We also represent family members who have lost loved ones in wrongful death claims. Our practice areas include: 

Why You Need a North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

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Research shows that increasing numbers of injury victims are attempting to handle personal injury claims on their own—at least at first. While it’s true that not every claim requires a personal injury attorney, you should always reach out to an attorney for a free consultation as soon as possible, before making any big decisions about your case. Simple, preventable mistakes could damage your chance at fair compensation, especially in a contributory negligence state like North Carolina. 

Here are a few important ways an experienced personal injury attorney can help: 

Investigating the Accident 

After a personal injury event, critical pieces of evidence can start to disappear quickly. For example, you might have to act quickly to preserve security camera footage that captured a car crash or a slip and fall outside a store.  

Furthermore, building a winning case in a personal injury lawsuit is usually more complex than most injury victims realize. Depending on the type of case, it could include analyzing police reports, working with accident reconstruction experts, performing background checks, carefully questioning multiple witnesses, obtaining maintenance logs, reading thousands of pages of documents, and much more. 

Most personal injury victims don’t have the time, skills, or experience necessary to handle this work. 

Navigating Contributory Negligence 

In North Carolina, establishing crystal-clear liability is critically important if you want a fair result. As noted above, state law follows a doctrine called “contributory negligence.” That means if you were even slightly responsible for your personal injury—even if the other person or parties bear 99% of the fault—you cannot legally recover compensation. 

Insurance companies are well aware of this unfair rule and take advantage of it often. If there is any doubt about what really happened or who is liable, the insurance company may try to convince you to accept a settlement offer that’s far less than what you really deserve—or they may not offer you any settlement at all. 

Calculating Damages 

Calculating damages in a personal injury case can be an incredibly complex process, especially if you’ve suffered serious injuries. Do you know how much your future medical treatment needs will cost? Do you know what a “fair” compensation offer would look like for pain, suffering, and other non-economic damages you can’t put a price on? 

Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer will gather medical records and talk to doctors, medical experts, and life-care planners to paint an accurate picture of your lifetime medical costs and lost wages. They may speak with friends, family, and colleagues to learn how your injuries have affected your quality of life. Without this kind of evidence supporting your personal injury claim, it’s unlikely that the insurance company will be convinced to offer you a truly fair settlement. 

Offering Peace of Mind 

Even “simple” personal injury cases are stressful for injury victims and loved ones. Cases usually take months and sometimes years to resolve. Along the way there will be investigations, deadlines, and negotiations. 

You shouldn’t have to handle the complex legal process alone, particularly when you’re still worried about medical expenses and getting back to work. And if you hire a Charlotte personal injury attorney to take your case, you shouldn’t ever be left in the dark about its status. 

At Myers Law Firm, we know how hard it is to deal with an injury that wasn’t your fault. That’s why we work hard to take as much of the burden off our clients as possible. That means more than just handling the legal details. We’ll also make sure you’re updated regularly about your case and all of your questions are answered (whenever you have them). We’ll even help you get a car repaired, receive medical treatment, and put your medical bills on hold while we fight for justice. And you won’t owe us anything unless we win your case. 

What To Do After a Personal Injury Accident 

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If you’ve been hurt and you believe someone else was at fault, take the following steps as soon as possible: 

  • Report the incident. If you are in a car crash, call the police. If you hurt yourself on someone else’s property, file an accident report with the property owner or manager. 
  • Preserve the evidence. Take photos of your injuries, property damage, and the accident scene. Document any evidence of unsafe conditions. Get contact information from eyewitnesses or other involved drivers.  
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you experience any painful symptoms at all, even minor aches, see a doctor. Many injuries have delayed symptoms or get worse over time. If you do not begin documenting your injuries right away (and follow up regularly with your medical team), the insurance company is more likely to dispute paying for your treatment. 
  • Call a personal injury lawyer. The best time to talk to a lawyer is right away, before you give any statements to the insurance company. During your free consultation, an experienced attorney can provide you with objective legal advice and help you determine your next steps. This can help you avoid costly mistakes that could damage your case. 

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What Comes Next? 

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Here is what the process of filing a claim will look like after you choose Myers Law Firm to advocate for you: 

  • The first step in the process is for us to meet with you and discuss your case. We will gather the necessary information from you, review preliminary evidence, and have you sign the required forms if you choose to move forward with our firm. 
  • Next, we will notify the at-fault parties of our intention to file a claim and conduct a thorough investigation into the accident. We will handle all communications with the insurance company throughout the process so you can focus on your recovery and getting back to a normal life. 
  • After you have recovered from your injuries or reach “maximum medical improvement,” we will collect all medical records and bills related to your personal injury and put them, along with evidence of any other losses, into a settlement package that we send to the insurance company. 
  • We then work through a negotiation process. Once we obtain the highest settlement offer from the other insurance company, we will discuss your options of settlement versus filing a lawsuit. 

Remember that the insurance company employs trained professionals whose job is to deny your claim or pay out as little as possible. Don’t give in to their tactics; let our personal injury law firm help you get the compensation you deserve. 

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