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Communication After Divorce

Trying to communicate with your ex after a divorce can be challenging. And when emotions run high between exes, remembering every detail and tracking every expenditure can feel like an enormous burden.

Fortunately, there are a variety of apps available to help divorced couples struggling with coparenting. Depending on your family’s needs, you can manage schedules, maintain vital records, track expenses, and more from your smartphone or home computer.

In this article, we’ll talk about the key features of eight apps that may be able to help divorced or separated parents manage the challenges of coparenting.

Note: Myers Law Firm does not guarantee the quality, security, or reliability of any of the apps listed in this article. The information in this article should not be construed as an endorsement of any app or product.

Apps to Help With All Aspects of Coparenting

The apps listed in this section are designed as comprehensive solutions for parents who are navigating the complex issues of coparenting.

Our Family Wizard

We’ve had judges order the parties to use this app in several cases. Complete with a calendar, expense tracker, personal journal for notes, and message board, Our Family Wizard saves records of messages between coparents. The app has an innovative optional “tone meter” feature to help keep communications civil and level-headed.

Use Our Family Wizard if:

  • You have a lot of conflict with your ex and you’re struggling to communicate in a constructive manner

Key points:

  • Plans starting at $99 per year
  • Works on Apple and Android
  • Mobile and desktop
  • Each parent will need their own account; profiles for children and guests are free
  • The tracking of communications make it easy to print and bring to court to show the judge which party has not been communicating properly


One of the most popular coparenting apps, Cozi can give you a breakdown of your day at a glance, and it also lets you share calendars and custody schedules as well as recipes and grocery lists, tasks, and notes.

Use Cozi if:

  • You’re on relatively good terms with the other parent
  • You want everyone in your family, including your children, to share the same information; once everyone is added to Cozi, there’s no way to restrict what they can see
  • You don’t need to track expenses
  • You have a large family circle (Cozi allows up to 12 users per coparenting account)

Key points:

  • Free to use with fees for premium features
  • Works on Apple and Android
  • Mobile and desktop friendly

Custody X Change

Developed by legal professionals, the Custody X Change app tracks the time each parent spends with their child. Features include timestamped journal entries, communications tools, and expenses tracking options, all designed to help both parties uphold their court-ordered custody plan. The app also includes templates that incorporate different stipulations, and you have the option to create printable reports right from the app.

Use Custody X Change if:

  • Communication between you and your ex is challenging
  • You need objective evidence regarding scheduling, communication, and expense tracking that you can file in court if necessary

Key points:

  • $97 per year for all the features
  • Works on Apple and Android
  • Mobile and desktop friendly

Talking Parents

Designed to increase accountability while reducing conflict, Talking Parents tracks communication between coparents. Features include shared calendars, documents, and communications, all of which get stored as un-alterable records that you can obtain and use later.

Use Talking Parents if:

  • You need accountability and a paper trail for your communication and scheduling
  • You or the other parent have older, less reliable digital devices (the app hosts all your information in the cloud, so nothing gets lost or altered no matter what happens to your phone)

Key points:

  • Free to use, $5 per month for full cloud-based records
  • Works on Apple and Android
  • Mobile and desktop friendly

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Coparently offers many of the same essential tools as other apps on this list, including communication tools, cloud-based calendars, and expense tracking. The primary selling point of Coparently is its encryption and high level of data security compared to the competition.

Use Coparently if:

  • You have other people helping you coparent and you need to give them access while maintaining security
  • You want to let your children view your calendar without allowing them to see your communications with the other parent; Coparently’s advanced sharing permissions let you share calendars with everyone while restricting access to messages between co-parents

Key points:

  • $9.99 per month or $99 per year
  • Works on Apple and Android
  • Mobile and desktop friendly


Designed as a comprehensive “coparenting facilitator,” 2Houses offers a calendar, messaging feature, expense tracking, and vital information storage. Created in Belgium, 2Houses is optimized for coparents and has been used by separated parents around the world.

Use 2Houses if:

  • You appreciate visualization of financial information and user-friendly app design
  • You need an app that allows a wide range of language options, including many European languages

Key points:

  • $9.99 per month
  • Works on Apple and Android
  • Mobile and desktop friendly

Let us help you.


Focused Apps That Help With One Element of Coparenting

Sometimes you just need a solution for one aspect of coparenting. These apps may be able to help.

Support Pay

Support Pay is an app that tracks coparenting expenses and child support payments. You can use Support Pay to keep track of expenses, maintain payment records, and transmit payments between you and the other parent. Even if the other parent doesn’t use Support Pay, it’s still a useful tool for keeping receipts and records in one place.

Use Support Pay if:

  • You’re on good terms with the other parent, but you hate bringing up money or you struggle to keep track of payments and expenses

Key points:

  • $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year
  • Who can use: Both or a single parent

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Google Calendar

There’s nothing wrong with trying a simple, free solution before you pay for something more advanced. And like Our Family Wizard, we’ve had judges order the parties to use Google Calendar before. Google Calendar lets coparents create shared calendars specifically for their children, and it also offers customizable permission levels and tools to set up reminders and recurring events.

Use Google Calendar if:

  • You only need to coordinate schedules
  • You’re fine with a no-frills app experience

Key points:

  • Free
  • Works on Apple and Android
  • Mobile and desktop friendly
  • Can share calendars with anyone

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No matter how brilliant a coparenting app is, it can’t solve every issue that divorced or separated parents may face. When coparenting gets tough, the dedicated and compassionate team at Myers Law Firm is here to help. We understand that communication after a divorce can be challenging, and we’re here to support you and help you resolve legal issues like child custody and child support.

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